The Ethereal Lingua Franca


There has been no other point in world history at which so many people have been interested in learning Sanskrit on a global scale. The Indian government has been placing emphasis on this ancient language due to its cultural importance; linguists have been captivated by it for centuries; Buddhists have been tackling the language for nearly two thousand years; scientists and computer engineers are enthralled by its complexity; religious practitioners including Hindus and followers of the Hare Krishna movement chant in Sanskrit; and with the recent surge of popularity in yoga, the study of Sanskrit is in higher demand than ever before.

The interest is there, but how can one begin to study Sanskrit, especially in areas where there are so few instructors and institutions available? Many Sanskrit scholars and students have been busily developing freely available online resources and materials. But, how reliable are they? Which are good and which should be avoided? Even answering these preliminary questions is not an easy task.

An Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language (SEL) is an excellent learning material for learners at all stages. Even after several years of studying and mastering the language, you will find that your appreciation of the quality of the textbook will continue to deepen.

If you begin your Sanskrit studies using SEL, you are absolutely lucky, as this will save you the time and money that you would have wasted by taking another less effective approach.

If you are proficient in languages and are extremely talented, you may not need any extra assistance you work your way through SEL. But, I do hope that my help and guidance may be useful to you as you embark on your studies.

Good luck with your Sanskrit studies!